Musings on Miniatures Wargaming
on Thursday 21 August 2008
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Sleepy shares some of his thoughts on the hobby of miniatures wargaming. Is the hobby more about playing games or more about the miniatures themselves? He also discusses the casual gamer's perceived barrier to entry and how to avoid it.

I've always been fascinated by miniatures. In my pre-teen years I remember making a model of the F-14 fighter jet (the one from Top Gun) complete with retractable wings. I bought the kit from a local hobby store, cemented all the pieces together, and painted it in a camouflage pattern. Camouflage was definitely the coolest color you could paint anything as a 12-year old boy.

I was proud of that plane. It sat on display in my room until I went to college and even some time after. These days, I'm married, own a home, and spend a good chunk of my time working for Corporate America, but I'm still fascinated by miniatures.

In recent years that fascination peaked again as I learned more and more about the miniatures wargaming industry. Gaming of all kinds has always been a love of mine, but I had never heard about miniatures wargaming in my youth. Even so, the idea of it was instantly appealing to me.

I researched various miniatures games on the web and found pictures of players constructing grand battlefields with dozens of troops marching across miniature cornfields and bridges to meet their foes. The fact that there was no set board or grid that you played on just added to the immersion. With carefully designed troops and terrain there was very little to prevent you from thinking you had a bird's eye view of a real battlefield.

As luck would have it, a few months ago I got my first ever conveniently-located friendly local game store. The Game Connection opened up in Knightdale, NC right by where I live. Since then, I've taken advantage of opportunities to try out various miniatures games as other gamers have brought their models and rules into the store. Some games I've enjoyed a lot, others have dragged on maybe a little too long for my tastes, but they've all been worthwhile experiences and the gamers that frequent the store have all generally been really good people to play with.

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