How I got into Warmachine for 35 dollars
on Friday 22 August 2008
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This article is a continuation of the Musings on Miniatures Wargaming article.

In my last article I shared some thoughts on the hobby of miniatures wargaming and explained my reservations about getting involved with the hobby. This article outlines my solution of making "Exact Paper Proxies" (EPP).

The basic idea behind EPPs is to take pictures of fully painted miniatures and print them out on paper stand-ups. EPPs address all of my issues with getting involved in miniatures wargaming. Their only cost is some paper, glue, and printer ink. Since they are paper, they can easily fold flat and be stored in a folder or notebook. They don't take long to assemble and require virtually no artistic skill. Also, since they are based on pictures of the real thing, they look like the real thing and players should have no trouble identifying what each EPP is supposed to represent.

Now, obviously these won't be tournament legal... but they should be perfect both for people who aren't interested in tournament-level play and for tournament-caliber players who want to try out new armies before shelling out for the real thing.

I chose Warmachine as a good system for trying out the EPP idea. I liked the setting, the Privateer Press website has images of all their Warmachine miniatures, and games typically involved relatively small numbers of miniatures. So it seemed like a good place to start.

I started the project by buying the Warmachine: Prime Remix rulebook ($25). This book is the current core rulebook for the game. It includes all rules necessary to run skirmish battles and full stats on all of the troops from the first set of Warmachine miniatures. It's also a very nice looking rulebook that is full color throughout.

Then, I began downloading images from the Privateer Press miniatures gallery. These images are all freely available to any visitor and therefore carry no cost. The images did need a little bit of Photoshop work to isolate the miniature from the background. Once that was done I pasted the images onto circular base templates that I created in Photoshop to use as each miniature's base.

Finally, I printed out each miniature onto cardstock paper ($6). After a few minutes with some scissors and glue ($4), I ended up with what, in my opinion, are some pretty good looking models all things considered.

So, if this is something that you would like to try, I'm making all of my work freely available as downloads attached to this article. You can download the Photoshop base templates (30mm, 40mm, and 50mm) I created if you want to try making your own EPPs of models I haven't gotten to yet. You can also download images of the different EPPs I have already made.

So far, I have created EPPs for all four of the starter battlegroups as well as for every Khador model from the Prime rulebook. As time permits, I will get to the other models and update this article with new downloads.

Read on to learn how to make your own EPP images or skip forward to Assembling the EPP Model if you are going to use one of my pre-made EPP images.

EPP Project Downloads
Base Templates (PSD format)

UPDATE (9/3/08): In a not entirely unexpected move Privateer Press has issued an official Cease and Desist order to me demanding that I remove the EPPs I created from their publicly available images. I consider it a somewhat draconian request considering the images are freely available on their website. However, it is well within their legal rights to do so since even free images are copyrightable.

I have complied with their request and removed the downloads of my pre-made EPPs. However, you can still create your own EPPs from my base templates (which are still available as they are not subject to Privateer Press copyright) and the images in their public gallery. They have just made it a little harder to accomplish.

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