Calling all aspiring tabletop game designers and fans of indie game development
Friday 16 October 2009 - 08:02:16
I'm going out on a limb here and saying that this idea should be filed under "Awesome".

The Game Crafter is a new print-on-demand tabletop game service that was launched a few months ago. The idea is that independent tabletop game designers can upload their rules and artwork to The Game Crafter along with a list of other desired components (pawns, dice, wooden cubes, etc.). Then, they can sell their game through The Game Crafter's website. No games are produced until games are ordered. So, there is no setup cost to the designer. Royalties are collected per copy sold.

The designer retains full rights to their game and can purchase their own game at cost, so this makes The Game Crafter a great option for prototyping games. If you decide to make changes during playtesting it's simply a matter of uploading new rules or artwork. If your game is ever picked up by a major publisher, you can simply stop selling it through The Game Crafter.

Non-designers can also find some unique games here to stock their shelves. I'm thinking about picking up an interesting looking game they have called Soaps where you manage a soap opera and all the crazy drama that goes on in typical soaps.

I've had ideas for game designs in the past, but I never moved on them because of the work and cost involved. This idea has gotten me excited about game design again, though. So, I may just have to block out some time to work on something...

The Game Crafter website

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